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The beauty community has all but exploded over the past few weeks, it has been messy. I know it has been a while but as a quick catch up I was in Marbella just last week for my birthday and now I am back and I do want to get properly back into blogging. I am taking it slow and I can't make any promises as I  have been off my game for so long it is actually sick. So bear with, please. In other news, who is excited for the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special? Regardless, the drama we are addressing today is the Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipsticks

All 20 nude lipsticks are swatched above, the lipsticks are described as being rich, buttery and smooth. They are the classic cream lipstick with great pigmentation, boasting a one swipe pay off, and Jaclyn highlighted that she really wanted to create a collection that every person no matter their skin colour could find their favourite go to nude lipstick which would turn into a repeat purchase for them. At a first glance I think the colours are really nice, do I think this is the most innovative amazing release? Absolutely not. I am sure for some people this is what they were crying out for, but for me, if I want a go-to nude there are plenty of brands - from Maybelline to MAC - I can choose from. Anyway, the actual product isn't the shocker. 

If you watched Jaclyn's initial launch video - see above - you would know that she stressed heavily how this launch would be pure perfection. No cock ups to see here and boy oh boy was she wrong. Before her launch el scandalo began and lipsticks that were half melted, mouldy, fuzzy and hairy were received in PR, followed by actually purchased products. YouTubers like Raw Beauty Kristi and Brianna Fox posted in depth videos talking about their purchases, putting their lipsticks under a microscope and tweezing out sickeningly long hairs. If you are interested in those videos you can watch here: Raw Beauty Kristi Video, Brianna Fox Video, Nikkia Joy Video. Below is a lipstick that showcases some of the problems people were experiencing. 

After being called out by people like Marlena Stell, CEO of Makeup Geek, and Kevin James Bennet, a well known professional makeup artist who has a lot to say about influencers, Jaclyn finally posted a video on YouTube explaining everything. She apologised and took responsibility for the problems people were experiencing with her lipsticks. I'll be honest, after watching the video, I was disappointed. Really truly disappointed. After her conviction in the launch video where she insisted everything would be perfect the buffoonery that presented afterward is just inexcusable. They mixed the lipsticks in too big of a vat so the ingredients weren't properly broken down which was why people had balls in their lipstick? They used cloth gloves? The whole thing just screams massive eye roll. I feel bad for people who are disappointed with their products and spent their money believing that this release would go without a hitch, because even as someone who had no intention of spending a penny on these lipsticks, I fully believed that this Jaclyn launch which has been four years in the making would go without a hitch.

In general, my opinions on this latest release is abject disappointment. Not only for the issues consumers have experienced but for the actual  product itself and the component. I really don't like this packaging, I don't think it looks sophisticated or of high quality. I am sure it feels and looks better in person but in photos it translates as quite gaudy to me. 

Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Unsurprisingly, the lipsticks so far have all sold out on Jaclyn's website so I would say that despite the backlash it has been a success. Please let me know what your thoughts are down below, were you surprised or outraged by what happened? Do you have any opinions? Have you bought anything from Jaclyn Hill? Hope to see you back here at the end of the week, I am going to do a good old fashioned beauty post. Take care. 

What is your take on Jaclyn's first launch of Jaclyn Cosmetics? 


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  1. I've usually given Jaclyn the benefit of the doubt with all the drama and while I didn't think she was completely innocent I also didn't think she was as bad as people were making her out to be (I still technically don't). But I think her in relation to making products just isn't good. She clearly doesn't have as much involvement in the making of her products and this was a situation starting way back from Becca - each time it's an issue of quality consistantly (becca eye palette, Morphe vault) and now this, she's been the common denominator. I only have champagne pop and her original large morphe palette which I both love but I do have a 'whatever' attitude to her now.

    1. I feel the same, I have and love those two products from her too. I think there has been a running theme of trying to cut corners, produce things too quickly and to not take accountability. I really don't think the backlash would have been as harsh if she hadn't made a point of ensuring that this launch would be absolutely perfect as she has been working on it for four years. Suspish. I definitely think she has lost people's trust but still think this will not harm her in the long run, I was thinking about it this morning she has bounced back from every controversy never seems to lose subscribers so she does have a very loyal fanbase. Thank you for commenting! Xx

  2. I've seen so much backlash on Twitter and it's insane. I saw someone said that lipsticks are made in a vault by computers. No humans need to be there to mix it. And it's cleaned with hot water, steam, etc- all by computer. I find it so odd.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. Definitely an eyebrow-raising situation! Thank you for commenting, that would eliminate the problem of the cloth gloves if there was no human involvement needed! Thank you for commenting xx

  3. I was thinking about purchasing some lipsticks but I´m glad i didnt! I love the packaging on them and I think it´s great to release that many nude shades. I´m sure it would be so successful if the problems weren´t there!


  4. I think the colours are pretty, and the formula truly sounds nice. The packaging is not my cup of tea but again I am sure it does look better in person. I wonder if Morphe will stock her cosmetics like they do Jeffree's. Thank you for reading xx

  5. this is so disappointing ! the idea of producing so many lipsticks in a short amount of time just to sell and make money is not acceptable!

  6. Such a disappointment, especially because the shades are so pretty.


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