Wednesday, 25 September 2019


I returned from Japan this last Sunday and want to spend the next two weeks just discussing some new launches while I gather my bearings and try to become a more efficient blogger now that I am getting back into it. The first launch I want to discuss even took me by surprise as I didn't see it coming at all. B Perfect Cosmetics is a brand I personally lover, their Carnival and Carnival XL Pro Palette wow me every time I use them, I still think they are the only colourful palettes you really need unless you are looking for specific rich shades, in that case head to Juvia's Place as their shadows are pigmented with a capital p. So colour me surprised when I see on @makeupwithjah's Instagram page swatches of her new palette with B Perfect called the Makeup Artist Clientele Palette, which is so clever I can't think why this wasn't thought of before. Jah has one of my favourite IG accounts, she is one of the few accounts I will type in the search engine and visit, the work she does is so flawless it is sickening and if you don't follow her you must. 

The Clientele Palette contains 30 shades in total, 18 mattes, 11 foiled shimmers and 1 pressed pigment. It launches this Friday 27th September at 10am UK time. It retails for £35 which I think is a reasonable price personally, I did expect it to be more especially in the current beauty climate where it is the norm to increase prices because let's be honest people are willing to pay it. I am looking at you Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Within this collection, there are also pigments and lashes available that will be released at the same time. Sadly, I am too mesmerised by this palette to consider the other products at this moment in time. 

I haven't felt like this about a palette for a while, aside for possibly the ABH x Jackie Aina palette and I think it is because both Jackie and Jah are creators I truly admire and take inspiration from regularly. Jah is incredibly talented and brilliant and I am always taken aback by the looks she creates. I don't know a whole lot about this palette so I will add more information as it comes and honestly I think I will try and get my hands on it when it comes to Beauty Bay because the colour story really speaks to me. It is not an overly bright or even particularly colourful palette but the tones are so rich I know they will really pop on brown eyes and on a wide array of complexions which makes me really excited. You can see the swatches down below and what strikes me the most is that this is clearly a well thought out cohesive palette, you know from the get go you could create a dizzying amount of looks just from this one palette each one different to the next which is how I felt about the first Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette which is still a much loved and very used palette in my collection to this day. I definitely feel The Clientele Palette will make it as a staple in many people's collections.

I will add a swatch breakdown for all the shades when I get a chance, as I currently need to get my ready for work. At the moment, the shades that stand out to me are Blush (and I really hope I can use this as a blush because it is the perfect shade), Warrior (it is such a unique dirty green) and honestly all the foiled shades because they look like they pair well with all the mattes. I am really excited for this palette. Thank you for reading, I hope to get back to posting a lot more for you guys. I have a backlog the size of my bank statement so buckle up kids. Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on The Clientele Palette. All photos used in this post were taken from @makeupwithjah or @bperfectcosmetics on Instagram, both pages are linked and I encourage you to check out both. Hope you are having a great week so far, check back soon. Take care. 

What do you think of The Clientele Palette? 


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  1. it's a beautiful palette but i don't think i will get it.i'm on a no buy !

  2. This is such a pretty palette and love the shade selection. These colors are so wearable on everyday basis. The swatches are looking good. :-)

    Via |

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