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Jaclyn Hill has announced her second launch of 2019 for her eponymous brand Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics. After lipstick-gate many have speculated when she would return at the helm to release a new product and lo and behold it has happened. The Catch The Light Holiday Collection contains three different highlight formulas as well as three corresponding brushes. There are two four pan palettes, one for light-medium skin and one for medium-deep. In addition, there are two different powder formulas: a luminous setting/glow powder and a beaming loose highlight powder. For all the information including prices, swatches and release dates as well as all of my opinions keep on reading. Scroll down to the end of the post to see Jaclyn's announcement video. 

The two Accent Light Highlighter Palettes, as mentiones each comprise of four shades. Jaclyn explains that the formulas in these palettes were custom-made in  Italy and are each unique. This doesn't impress me as a lot of brands have labs in Italy including Wet n Wild which is one of the cheaper drugstore brands. The highlight formula is described as a buttery smooth baked formula that feels like a second layer of skin. 

The Flash Palette ($49) is tailored to light-medium skin tones with four shades: Gleam (icy gold highlight), Iced (true champagne highlight), Sparks (pale champagne highlight with a more yellow undertone) and Mesmerise (rose gold highlight). I find it surprising that Iced is darker  than Sparks, the name would suggest that Iced would be a lot fairer. You can see these shades swatched below.

L-R: Gleam, Iced, Sparks and Mesmerise
The Flare Palette is targeted towards a medium-deep skin tone. This palette has the exact same packaging as the Flash palette, both contain mirrors. I do think the packaging is pretty and very Jaclyn but also unecessarily large, I don't like that there is extra room for the Jaclyn lettering on the side of the palette, what is the point of that?

The fours shades in the Flare Palette are: Glow Up (rosy bronze highlight), Made You Look (golden bronze highlight), Exposure  (neutral tan bronze highlight) and Turned On (berry copper highlight). You can see these shades swatched below.

L-R: Glow Up, Made You Look, Exposure and Turned On
I think having palettes suited for different skin tones is a great idea and inclusive, but for me separating it into three palettes would have been a better move as you're missing the medium category here. There are so many different skin tones that fall in between that won't be able to use all of the colours in each palette which is a shame, a medium palette with a champagne highlight, a pinky highlight and some warmer rose gold and pale coppery tones would have been really beautiful and would have tempted me at least. 

The next formula on the agenda is the Mood Light Luminous Powder ($32), this comes in 5 shades. One of the main ingredients in this powder is mica which is a well-known smoothing ingredient. This appears to be more of a setting powder, similar to Laura Mercier Glow Setting Powder, Jaclyn herself uses it mixed with her setting powder. Jaclyn described the formula as moisturising, light and "feathery" with a blurring effect which works for mature skin types as well. 

L-R: Do Me, Brighten Up, Brilliant, Carats and Feelin It
The shades in this formula are (swatched above): Do Me (fair powder suitable for light skin tones), Brighten Up (neutral with a pink undertone which will brighten the skin), Brilliant (peachy undertone more suitable for medium skin tones), Carats (yellow undertone almost like a banana powder suitable for medium skin tones) and Feelin' It (caramel undertone for deeper skin tones). You can use this powder on bare skin or on a full face of makeup.

Last but not least, there is the Beaming Light Loose Highlighter ($24) which comes in a teeny tiny little pot and also has 5 different shades. Jaclyn describes this as the quintissential blinding highlight that she is famous for, designed for targeted and precise application. The formula is described as powder to cream. 

L-R: Extra, Bomb, Amped, High Volt and Mega Watt.
The shades are (swatched above): Extra (icy white gold highlight), Bomb (beige gold highlight), Amped (pinky rose-gold highlight), High Volt (rosy orange highlight suitable for tan-deep skin tones) and Mega Watt (copper bronze highlight). I like how cute these pots are I cannot deny, but loose highlights are so messy it stresses me out just thinking about it. 

L-R: Mood Light Powder Brush,  Accent Highlighter Brush and Beaming Light Brush
With each of these formulas there are three brushes that are respectively suited to each formula. There is the Mood Light Powder Brush (£24), the Accent Light Highlighter Brush ($20) and the Beaming Light Highlighter Brush ($20). These are made from synthetic hair using the newest technology. The handles are a silver clear glitter ombre with a silver fennel, again very Jaclyn. Jaclyn mentioned that she is extending her return policy from 30 days to 45 days so people can return it after the holidays. Bundles are also available from the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics site. These will be available from her website on November 26th (RELEASE Date).  

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to know what you think of this launch so please share your thoughts in the comment section below I would love to read what you think, are you happy to hear that Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics have released another launch? Does anything take your fancy? I personally don't wear much highlight, I still have the Becca x Jaclyn Face Palette which I haven't even made a dent in but I do see the appeal for other people. 

I won't be buying anything, like I mentioned, the only thing that I would consider is the Accent Highlighter Palette if it came in a palette for medium skin tones which it doesn't. I hope you all had a wonderful week, I really hope to be posting more again in the near future, sorry for being so MIA. Wishing you all a great weekend. Take care. 

Will you be picking anything up from the Catch The Light Holiday Collection? 


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*All images are from the Jaclyn Hill launch video, screenshotted and edited by myself. 
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