Sunday, 12 July 2020


Today we are talking about Pur x RawBeautyKristi I first found Kristi's channel through her Huda Beauty New Nude Palette* Review. I had received the palette as a very thoughtful gift after personally deciding not to get it as I likely wouldn't get much use out of it. After being gifted it I was scouring through looks and reviews to figure out how to wear it and get use out of it. Kristi is so funny and down to earth, personally I don't always like watching content creators that are high energy or even overly positive or cheery a lot of the time and Kristi strikes that balance of being humourous in a really offhand way. I have enjoyed her videos since, and as mentioned, have become invested in her personal life. I could happily listen to her talk about her cats, remodel or chronic illness for hours (chatty grwms are my crack). 

An influencer collaboration that actually appeals to me is the hot topic of today. I thought 2017-18 gave "collabs" a bad name. I have to admit that there are some that really do appeal to me, I still stand by the original Jaclyn x Morphe palette* and I have been silently lusting after the So Jaded Palette from Colourpop x Kathleen for the last year. The Jackie Aina palette* courtesy of Anastasia Beverly Hills* is still stunning and I should use it more. Of course, there have also been many that don't appeal to me or are simply not available to me and with the rising numbers of influencers creating their own cosmetics line I really thought collaborations may become a thing of the past and instead brands would push curated collections a lot like Sigma's Favourites*. 

2020 has been a rough and difficult year so far, to cope with this I have been spending slightly more time on my electronic devices. I am fully entrenched in the current events occurring in the beauty community, but more so I use YouTube specifically as a form of entertainment and distraction. I honestly don't know what I would do without it - actually I do, I would just read more now that I think about it or write more, what a double-edged sword it both brings joy but also steals my productivity. Amazingly, and what I like most about YouTube is you actually come to care and empathise with the people you watch, whether it is just one video or many over years! I was so happy when Desi and Kristi announced their pregnancies this year, I cried happy tears both times and I still feel an abundance of joy whenever I think about it. Weird? Probably.

Two days ago Kristi announced her collaboration with Pur Cosmetics (video here). She has a dual sided palette and two sets of lashes in this collection. The palette exterior has some really cool artwork that represents things personal to her that she herself drew. I think a dual sided palette is really smart, it allows for twice the amount of shades in a compact size. One side of the palette is neutral and the flip side is colourful. Again: smart. It appeals to multiple audiences. The palette retails for $34. The names of the shadows are all personal to her, this for me is a key part of an influencer collaboration. I remember the Morphe Vault lacked this and felt that was a significant oversight for the brand and Jaclyn as a lot of subscribers are fans of her as a person, but on the whole it doesn't make a difference it just adds a personal touch like the artwork on the exterior packaging. The neutral side has a rose gold font while the colourful side has a holographic font. 

The palette has 18 shades, nine on each side and a mirror, Kristi shared in her reveal video that she has been working on this collaboration since 2018. She shared that there are more mattes than shimmers in general as she personally prefers mattes and that she worked hard on the colour story to ensure that the shades worked together and made sense i.e. you can use the three shades in each column for a look each. The shades go from top to bottom by column moving from left to right. As a bonus, she also talks about the meaning behind the names and as it is two in the morning I might as well add them here in case you care. 

Colourful Side: (first column) Flavour Town (reference to her 2015 transformation of the Diners, Drive In and Dive's dude) is a red matte with a hint of berry, Am I Orange? (Kristi says this in a lot of her video) is an orange matte, Dandelion (reference to her neice saying the word in a significant memory) is a yellow matte, (second column) Garden State (movie reference that she and her husband loves) is a teal green matte, Cafe Disco (favourite episode from the Office US) is a shimmer champagne shade, Hurtful (comment she says a lot) is a deep blue matte, (third column) Tribute (name of a song from a favourite band called Tenacious Steve) is a purple matte, Side Effect (name of a cover band she was in when she was younger with her sister and friend) is a vivid pink matte and Lumos (spell for light in Harry Potter, she's a Potterhead) is a white matte. 

Neutral Side: (first column) Camelot (last movie she watched with her Mum before she passed) is a mustard orange matte, Copper Boxes (symbolises her Dad's profession as a metal artist, he gifts copper boxes and they are beautiful) is a warm medium brown matte, Bee (pet name for her husband) is a deep warm brown shade, (second column) It Just Does (common phrase she uses and movie ref) is a deep peachy orange matte, Golden Ticket (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory reference) is a peach gold shimmer that works great as a topper, Told You (something her husband says a lot) is a warm deep brown matte, (third column) My Whole Heart (she says this a lot) is a soft light peach neutral matte, Moo Point (Friends ref to Joey saying moo point but meaning moot point) is a cool light purple mauve matte and You're Not My Real Dad (she says this a lot) is a cool toned deep brown. 

Lashes: Lovely which is a faux silk natural set of lashes that will pair well with the neutral side of the palette. Kristi describes these as curly and natural that can be worn alone without eyeliner due to the thin clear band, but also without eyeshadow as they are not too overpowering. These retail for $14.

Can't Be Bothered is the other pair of lashes which pairs with the colourful side of the palette. Kristi states these look different on everybody and describes them as long and fluttery. They are not as curly as the Lovely Lashes. They are dramatic and can be customised to suit your needs. These retail for $14

The Pur X RawBeautyKristi collection will be available on 12th July (the date of this post) from the Pur Cosmetics website (link to Pur Cosmetics US). As a refresher, the palette has 18 shades in total and a mirror and retails for $34. There are two sets of lashes available individually which retail for for $14 each. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear your thoughts on this collection and any products you are currently enjoying. Please comment below. Have you picked up any influencer collaborations? Would this be a collection you are interested in? Have a great week and check back for more, I have so many reviews to post. Thank you! Take care. 

What are your thoughts on Pur x RawBeautyKristi collection? 


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*All images via RawBeautyKristi's Video or Pur Cosmetics Instagram



  1. I know what you mean about influencers who too extra and overly positive. But these palettes look AMAZING! The colors are so saturated and bright! And love the packaging too. I will have to check out this video!

    Allie of

  2. These are really lovely colours in the pallette, thank you for reviewing. I am addicted to YouTube videos especially the diy ones ,thanks to the lockdown.

    1. Me too, obsessed with watching videos, I haven't seen many DIY ones though!

  3. The colors are so pretty with so much pop! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. Love the bold colors of these palettes!

  5. 2020 has been quite interesting to say the least. What bold and vibrant palettes! The punchy colors look perfect for summer.

  6. Amazing!

    Carina |

  7. the shades are really amazing, but i'm going to hold back. i have way too many palettes and with quarantine happening with nowhere to go I havent worn makeup in months. maybe once things start settling down. but who knows when that will happend.


  8. The colors in this pallet are my fav. I ordered a colorful eye shadow cant wait.

  9. Those palettes are gorgeous! The more neutral one looks right up my street!
    Grace xx

  10. I was so happy when I learnt that Desi was expecting too! I remember watching the video where she shared how hard it was for her to read the comments asking about kids and how they'd been trying for years. Such a beautiful thing to be apart someone's journey like that. I'm not too familiar with Kristi. I've watched a video or two of hers, so I didn't know she was expecting, too. That's beautiful! I don't typically wear falsies. I don't like the way they feel. I think I have such a small face that they overtake me, lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, girl, and I hope you have a great week!


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  12. Wow, although I don't wear eye-shadow I'm amazed by the wonderful colourful shades. Only watching these colours makes me happy!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  13. Those palettes look gorgeous! They are also really pigmented which is amazing!

  14. Nice review!

  15. They look like such fun shades! i like the bright colours, so cheerful! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend! :)

    Away From Blue


  16. I like the way you made this article. Short but juicy. Thanks for sharing!
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