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Photo via @beautybaycom on Instagram

Nikkie Tutorials recently announced a brand new collaboration and it is none other than an eyeshadow palette, or pressed pigment palette if you prefer, with Beauty Bay. I love Beauty Bay I purchase from them all the time, they stock so many good brands and have started releasing their own eponymous products which have a pretty good reputation and fair price point. Nikkie touched on her past collaborations in her reveal video and the infamous ordeal she went through with Too Faced. The palette retails for £25 or $30 and euro. The Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay palette contains 20 eyeshadows in total and is called a pressed pigment palette, I am sure we are all familiar with this term by now it refers to the dyes used in formulas which enables the palette to be considered vegan as certain dyes are not considered safe for eye use due to staining. For swatches and more details keep reading. 

Nikkie discusses the inspiration behind the palette in her reveal video and how she was inspired by Temple Tutorials which is the name she gives to her home, her sanctuary or safe space. The palette has two halves with a bright side full of colourful eyeshadows and a dark side full of spooky darker and more neutral shades both speak to different aspects of her personality. Nikkie shares that she has been working on this palette since 2019 and it was pushed back after she came out as transgender at the beginning of the year - her decision. She recently underwent a traumatic experience where she and her fiance were held at gunpoint during an armed robbery at their home this past month. One really cool detail about this palette is it has two mirrors on either side of the opening and one is magnifying!

Onto the swatches:

Redemption - marigold orange matte (nod to the fiasco with Too Faced where she was ripped off)

Blend & Snap! - bubblegum pink matte (nod to the iconic movie Legally Blonde)

Ivy - icy white shimmer (nod to her gorgeous dog)

Slasher - mulberry purple matte (nod to her love of slasher films

5am - true chocolate brown matte

Roxy Catan - bright pink shimmer (an alias she used in the past for staying at a hotel)

Vla - bright bumblebee yellow matte (means custard in Dutch)

Mikai - true red matte (nod to her little brother who passed away a few years ago, his favourite colour)

Mila - caramel nude matte (Nikkie's other dog)

Underground - hybrid of silver and gold

Photo via @edenamyh on Instagram
Swatches continued:

Plot Twist - periwinkle matte (refers to the shade that looks different depending on your skin tone)

Aura - orange rose gold shimmer

Basic Trut - pink toned light nude matte (means basic bitch in Dutch)

All In - greenish gold-silver duochrome ()

Ew - true green matte (an in joke as she hates green although this looks more like a cyan/seafoam)

Pride - pink and blue duochrome (inspired by the trans flag)

Zomer - peach pink matte (means summer in Dutch)

Mama Tutorials - baby blue shimmer (nod to her mother, of course)

Amsterdamn - cobalt blue matte (Nikkie lives in Amsterdamn)

Mr Tutorials - hazel shimmer (nod to Dylan, Nikkie's fiance)

Watch Nikkie's full reveal video HERE.

Photo via @edenamyh on Instagram

What do you guys think of this palette/launch? Do you think this was the right time for Nikkie to release a new eyeshadow palette? Are you interested in it, will you buy it? Please comment your thoughts below, I think as a beauty guru Nikkie actually has a pretty stellar reputation and she is widely known for her amazing makeup skills particularly her eyeshadow looks. I am excited and happy for her. I personally don't need anymore eyeshadow palettes as I barely use the ones I have but if I didn't I would pick this up, the price is reasonable, the shimmers look gorgeous and the mattes look like they are good quality. The colour story is also pretty versatile. The Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay Palette will be available to purchase from the Beauty Bay site from 31st August and it is limited edition. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you are all having a great week. Take care.

What are your thoughts on the Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay Palette? 


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*Afilliate links are used in this post, images are credited, screenshots taken from Nikkie's reveal video


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  2. Love the colour variety and the shades look so pigmented and bright - looks like a great palette! :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  3. I like the shimmers but this palette is so not for me :) too colorful

    1. Yeah I am not sure I would be able to use all the shades either!

  4. Wow these are pigmented! Not colours I would wear so I wont be purchaing but the quality looks great! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  5. This palette is so vibrant and the shades look great. Unfortunately it's not something I would wear but I am sure so many others would.


  6. This doesn't interest me at all! x

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    1. Thank you for commenting, that's Nikkie in the photos x

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